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The Grand Purpose Book on Forbes!

The Grand Purpose book made the Forbes 2018 Summer Reading List for Healing the Soul.


Empower Radio - Journey to Center

The Grand Purpose - podcast Empower Radio - Sept 6, 2018 (mp3)


Why Pain is Purposeful - podcast Empower Radio Sept 13, 2018 (mp3)


Journey to Center With Dr. Tammi Baliszewski

Dr. Tammi Baliszewski hosts a radio podcast through Empower.

Podcast: Why Pain is Purposeful with Mark Colafranceschi - September 13, 2018

From colds to cancer, there is an emotional component at the core. There is also an important reason for your pain and valuable information in your health challenges. Mark Colafranceschi shares with us how we can get to the root of our suffering, how we can truly heal, and how we can find our grand purpose in this world. 

Podcast: The Grand Purpose with Mark Colafranceschi - Sept 6, 2018

Have you struggled with your health? And would you like to get to the core reason of WHY, heal this reason, and claim vibrant health?  Mark Colafransceschi says not only is this possible, but within your power. If you are ready for authentic healing, transformation, and lasting change,  Colafransceschi shares wisdom and tools to support you from his Forbes summer list of books that can heal your soul; “The Grand Purpose: A Radical Scientific Approach to Healing.”