A Course in Health


The Emotion-Link

Most conditions, illness or addictions start with emotions and personalities connected.  Are you asking: How do I get unstuck? How do I kick this habit?  How do enjoy my job, my life?  Is there hope? Or are you simply asking Why is this happening? 

The Germ Theory

Understanding the Germ Theory in relation to your health, finances and relationships will change everything.  

The New Model

This new model frees you from feeling like a victim or trapped in a system that does not work. Are you wanting self-control, that feeling of peace, hope, the ability to let go? That rewarding relationship? That feeling of purpose in your job?  Then, A Course in Health is for you!  Read it, Work it, Apply it and Love the miraculous answers you receive to all your heart-felt questions 

The Map and Compass

Having the correct map and compass is essential to getting to your destination and enjoying the process. 

Your personality and emotions are connected to illness and addiction. Just as your map and compass are connected to getting to your destination. 

The 28 Days

Your health is not in a pill or treatment. It is in your hands. A Course in Health... demonstrates and helps you ultimately realize that the answer is in the question, for health and healing.

Life Traps

Learn your top 3 life traps.

& The Map out.

The Flow

Experiencing flow is what A Course in Health teaches. We call it doing nothing. 

Attached is a copy of the flow chart that maps out the process and the outcome.